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A collaborative superhero universe, where your characters can interact with other creators' characters and create vast stories, akin to the Deviant Universe. There is one caveat: all members must be trans-friendly, as this group in the end will hopefully work towards possibly giving money to trans charities. What would fit under this group's definitions of trans (and for better keyword optimization): transgender, transsexual, transwoman, transman, nonbinary, genderqueer, genderfluid, asexual, intersex, and more I know I'm forgetting.
Founded 6 Months ago
Mar 26, 2017


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Art Creation

18 Members
25 Watchers
890 Pageviews
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Character submission guidelines

This group will run on monthly challenges (of which you aren't pressured to participate in), and to do so, each participant should put up at least one character. As the title of this says, this is about the submission guidelines:

You don't have a limit on the amount of characters you can submit. However, I suggest you indicate your primary character(s), so others can know who you will most likely be using in challenges. Heroes, villains and others are all permitted.

If you want to submit a fan character, some alterations would have to come into play: their name and history can't reference them being a fan character (a Kryptonian can become an unspecified alien, for instance), and that universe can't interact with everyone else (so, Batman can't show up in a challenge page, for instance, unless the challenge specifically says that one draw characters from outside the group's universe).

Use the templates in the Templates gallery. The colors are: Yellow is heroes, Red is villains, Green is others. Please try not to put "see below" only in a field, and instead actually put something there. Extra info can still go in the description, though. If your character doesn't have a "civilian" look, that section can be left blank.

Your character's entry must have an image in the first image field at least and be in color. Challenges won't need to be submitted in color, but said aspect is important for those who draw your characters and use color.

I hope this isn't too strict. Let me know if it is.


This collection does not have any deviations yet!









Gallery Folders

Transworlds Comics logo (large version) by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics logo (small version) by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics character template: villain by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics character template: other by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics character template: hero by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics: Axyridis by lizard-socks
Transworlds Comics: Agent Z946 by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics: Mineral by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics: Alpin Aneat by ShastaB24
Open characters
Transworlds Comics: X of the Underground by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics: Whiffy by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics: Tetra-None Hepta-Oct by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics: Shifter by ShastaB24
May-June 2017 challenge - fan art
Flame Thrower by lizard-socks
Transworlds Comics May/June fanart: Metalen Meisje by ShastaB24
Transworlds Comics May/June fan art: Axyridis by ShastaB24
July-August 2017 challenge - swimsuit
I hope this is the last time I'll extend a challenge, but currently the group is still trying to garner contributors, and therefore needs extra time for the challenge.  But, just like last time, there will definitely be a new challenge next month.

But you may notice that we now have several affiliate groups tied to this one.  I encourage people to check them out.  They all have some relevance to this group, either being for comic creators or for trans/LGBT creators.

Also: I'm expanding the reach of this group, so there may begin to be contributions off-site, but I'll link to said contributions when they happen.  Currently, it's just reaching out to members of ComicFury, but I look to also try to reach out to other areas.
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